Anxiety impacts us all.  Anxiety becomes problematic when it impacts your ability to function in areas of daily life.  Daily worries can take a toll on your mental and physical health.  When you or a child is suffering with an anxiety disorder it’s important to get help.  Anxiety disorders affect many people of all ages.  An estimated 40 million adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders are now the most common mental health disorders to occur in children, adolescents and adults.  Research also shows that anxiety is rising on U.S. college campuses.  

Anxiety can also co-occur with depression and sleep struggles. Mood disorders and excessive worries can be debilitating and cause people to isolate and avoid; however, seeking support, education and effective coping tools can be empowering and life changing.  Many people can experience meaningful symptom relief and improvement in quality of life.

Welcome to my clinical psychology practice!  I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in Anxiety and OCD.  I work with children, adolescents and adults.  I view therapy as collaborative and requiring safety, nurturance and trust.  I utilize cognitive and behavioral strategies as well as exposure therapy to help empower clients and increase confidence.    
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Mary Englund
Welcome to my clinical psychology practice!
Mary Englund, Psy.D., LLC
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Due to Covid-19 and safety concerns, all therapy sessions are currently taking place via Telepsychology  (HIPPA compliant  platform